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Best Chinese Buffet in San Antonio: Top Picks for Delicious Dining




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San Antonio is known for its vibrant and diverse culinary scene, and amongst the plentitude of options, Chinese buffet restaurants stand out for their delicious offerings and fantastic value. The city is home to various establishments ranging from classic Chinese cuisine to modern fusion dishes, all served in an inviting, all-you-can-eat atmosphere. With so many choices, it’s no wonder that finding the best Chinese buffet in San Antonio can be quite a challenge.

To help you navigate the world of Chinese buffets in San Antonio, we’ve researched and cherry-picked the top establishments based on various criteria, such as food quality, variety, customer service, ambiance, dietary options, and value for money. Whether you prefer traditional Chinese dishes or adventurous fusion creations, our list will help you find the perfect buffet spot for a satisfying and memorable dining experience.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Chinese Buffets in San Antonio

San Antonio’s vibrant food scene includes various delicious options for those craving Chinese cuisine. One popular way to enjoy the flavorful dishes of this diverse region is by visiting some of the city’s best Chinese buffets.

Begin your culinary adventure at China Inn, a highly-rated buffet offering a wide range of traditional Chinese dishes. Diners can expect excellent service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With an emphasis on authentic flavors, China Inn is a must-try option for locals and tourists.

Another excellent choice is King Buffet, known for its quality food and friendly staff. Their sushi selection receives particular praise, adding a delightful twist to the classic buffet experience. With their reasonable prices and diverse offerings, this San Antonio staple won’t disappoint.

For a different approach to Chinese cuisine, consider visiting P.F. Chang’s. Their creative menu features unique takes on traditional dishes, earning the restaurant a 4.0/5 rating based on 174 reviews. P.F. Chang’s blend of dining atmosphere and innovative fare make it a standout choice for those wanting to enjoy a special night out.

When seeking a buffet that offers all-you-can-eat options, San Antonio features several establishments to choose from. Options such as Asian Star Super Buffet and Lin’s International Buffet provide guests with various Chinese and Asian dishes, from seafood to noodles and everything in between.

In sum, there are various options to consider within the San Antonio Chinese buffet scene, catering to different preferences, budgets, and dining expectations. Whether you desire an upscale experience at P.F. Chang’s, the all-you-can-eat satisfaction at Asian Star Super Buffet, or the friendly atmosphere of King Buffet, you are guaranteed to find a delightful meal that celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of Chinese cuisine.

Standout Buffets

King Buffet

King Buffet stands out among Chinese buffets in San Antonio with its 3.2 average rating out of 410 reviews. Known for its all-you-can-eat offerings, King Buffet has become a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. Reviewers highly praise sushi as the favorite part of their meal, and reasonable prices make this venue an excellent option for those seeking a delicious, affordable feast.

Asian Star Super Buffet

When searching for an impressive Asian-inspired buffet in San Antonio, the Asian Star Super Buffet should not be missed. Their wide array of appetizers, entrees, and desserts has something for everyone. Seafood dishes are the highlight of their menu, so be sure to visit them if you appreciate a good seafood feast.

China Inn

China Inn is another standout buffet in town, receiving glowing reviews for its Chinese cuisine. Ranked among the top buffet options in San Antonio, it provides some of the best Asian-fusion dishes in the area. The well-prepared, flavorful dishes keep customers coming back for more.

Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant

A list of standout buffets in San Antonio would only be complete with mentioning Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant. This buffet boasts an extensive menu with a variety of Chinese classics to choose from. Stuffed prawn, in particular, is one dish that keeps patrons returning repeatedly.

Sichuan House

Sichuan House is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the bold and spicy flavors of Sichuan cuisine. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, this Chinese buffet consistently delivers high-quality dishes that satisfy the palate of Sichuan enthusiasts. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample various traditional dishes at Sichuan House.

All You Can Eat Chinese Buffets

Best Chinese Buffet in San Antonio 1

San Antonio offers a variety of all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets to satisfy your cravings for delicious Asian cuisine. With numerous options, diners can indulge in various dishes, ranging from traditional dumplings to exotic seafood specialties.

One of the popular choices is King Buffet, boasting a wide array of options for patrons. Here, one can find sushi, dim sum, hot pot stations, and an extensive selection of cooked dishes. Additionally, King Buffet ensures that customers get great value for their money with their generous all-you-can-eat pricing.

Another highly-rated option is the Asian Star Super Buffet, which offers an impressive spread of Chinese and Asian cuisine. The buffet includes many dishes, including roast duck, stir-fried vegetables, and various noodle dishes. Asian Star Super Buffet also prides itself on the quality of its sushi, which experienced sushi chefs expertly prepare.

For those seeking an upscale experience, Lin’s International Buffet is an excellent choice. This luxurious Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet features a diverse menu that includes prime meats, fresh seafood, and an enticing dessert station. Lin’s even offers a buffet to-go option, although it doesn’t have certain high-end items like steak, sushi, or seafood.

In addition to these standout buffets, there are many other options in San Antonio. These buffet all-you-can-eat establishments cater to different preferences and budgets, allowing diners to find the perfect spot for a sumptuous meal. Next time you’re in the mood for Chinese cuisine, consider checking out one of these fantastic all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets in San Antonio.

Food Quality and Variety.


The appetizers at some of the best Chinese buffets in San Antonio are known for their quality and quantity. Guests can enjoy a wide range of starters, such as delicious egg rolls, crispy falafel, and smooth hummus. Many buffets also offer a variety of soups, making for a great introduction to the main course. Some even feature sushi as part of their appetizer offerings, allowing guests to experience a fusion of flavors at one venue.

Main Course

The main course is the highlight of a Chinese buffet visit. Diners can expect many dishes that cater to different taste buds and preferences. One such dish, a popular favorite, is the fried rice that is cooked with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. Other dishes to look out for include succulent pork dishes, mouthwatering green beans, and stuffing cooked to perfection. Some buffets also offer non-traditional options like pizza, catering to a more diverse clientele.

   Dish Description 

  •   Fried Rice is Flavorful and made with fresh ingredients  
  •   Pork Succulent and well-seasoned  
  •   Green Beans Cooked to perfection  


For those looking for something lighter or healthier, Chinese buffets in San Antonio offer an assortment of salads. Diners can enjoy a range of options, from simple green salads to more unique and flavorful alternatives. The selection of salads on offer is fresh, colorful, and meticulously prepared, ensuring guests can enjoy every bite while keeping an eye on their health.

In short, the food quality and variety found at the best Chinese buffets in San Antonio make for an incredible dining experience. With an extensive array of appetizers, main courses, and salads, diners can look forward to a memorable gastronomic adventure.

Customer Service and Ambience

When stepping into the finest Chinese buffets in San Antonio, customers can expect a consistently fantastic dining experience. Patrons are often greeted by friendly staff who are always willing to assist with requests or concerns.

One of the noteworthy buffets is Lin’s International Buffet. Upon arrival, guests can sense the establishment’s dedication to maintaining a clean and organized environment. Attention to detail and hygiene are paramount, ensuring the dining area remains immaculate throughout service hours.

The ambiance across the various Chinese buffets in San Antonio is often characterized as welcoming and vibrant. Combining tasteful decorations and comfortable seating creates a relaxing atmosphere, allowing diners to relish their meals. It is not uncommon for these establishments to offer a vast selection of dishes in their buffet lineups, catering to diverse preferences and dietary needs.

Additionally, Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant has a reputation for having an exquisite sushi bar alongside many Chinese and American dishes. The dining location prides itself on exceptional customer service, ensuring guests are well-attended and thoroughly satisfied with their visit.

In summary, premier Chinese buffets in San Antonio prioritize outstanding customer service and aim to create a pleasant ambiance for their patrons. Diners can expect spotless and efficiently managed environments, complete with friendly staff and a vast array of food choices, making the dining experience worth the visit.

Price and Value for Money

Regarding Chinese buffets in San Antonio, it is essential to consider the prices and the value for money they offer. Here, we will discuss some popular buffet options and their pricing to help you make an informed decision.

King Buffet stands out among cheap Chinese buffets, offering an all-you-can-eat option at an affordable price. Their buffet selection includes a variety of Chinese dishes, sushi, and Mongolian options. The quality of the food and the combination make it a top choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising taste.

Another popular choice for a well-priced buffet experience is the Asian Star Super Buffet, with a wide range of Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Fusion dishes. The diversity and quality of their offerings make it an attractive option for those seeking both variety and affordability.

For a more upscale dining experience, you can head to P.F. Chang’s, known for its creative twists on traditional Chinese dishes. Their prices might be slightly higher than the previous options, but they still offer good value for the quality and innovative menu options.

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